Skywatch Friday #5

Gray skies are just clouds passing over
— Duke Ellington —

Hickory, NC: Storm clouds were just starting to build over the Corinth Reformed Church as I made my way home from running errands. (Click photo to enlarge.)

~ by Piedmont Perspective on 15 August 2008.

23 Responses to “Skywatch Friday #5”

  1. Great capture! Sharp as a tack – you can see every stone!
    Well done!
    Cheers, Klaus

  2. this is a great pic.

  3. Lovely sense of sacred grandeur in this pic!

  4. I love the Ellington quote because it reminds me to lighten up. Your photo reminds me to keep the chin up! Thank you.

  5. wonderful photo!

  6. The perfect picture of peace…with a storm on the horizon.

  7. Excellent! The church is lovely, and the whole picture is just fantastic!

  8. Beautiful photo, such clean,lines and precise composition.
    Most impressed by your historical house, it reminds me of a Russian datcha.

  9. Very nice composition – and the building storm clouds are appropriate for a Sky Watch post!

  10. Nice church, fine pictures with the storm clouds! Also liked the historic building very much.

  11. Great capture and a lovely composition. Well done.

  12. Great taken and colors. Nice building.

  13. It is a very beautiful “postcard”. the church and grey sky is so wonderful together:)

  14. Lovely photo! Well done!

  15. The clarity here resembles burnished metal. A very grand building whose architecture is adequate to its putpose. Grey skies indeed, but they will clear up …

  16. lovely stress-free entry! :) very nice!

  17. I love the dramatic dark clouds over the church …nice post.

  18. I love church photos and this one is just wonderful!

  19. That’s a really beautiful photo, great church…dramatic sky. Wonderful.

  20. I nearly missed this one… the church is very nice.. love the spire..


  21. That’s quite a spire!

  22. Nearly perfect composition on this one – lovely skywatch contribution.

  23. My thanks to everyone for dropping by and for leaving a comment! If I have missed posting a comment to your blog, please accept my apologies.

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