Odd Shots Monday – 08/25/08

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a
day and think it is forever.”
— Carl Sagan —

Today’s Odd Shots Monday is a combination – an eye shot for Julie and Abe, and a butterfly (Gulf Fritillary) for Marge and Klaus.

~ by Piedmont Perspective on 25 August 2008.

10 Responses to “Odd Shots Monday – 08/25/08”

  1. Excellent butterfly close-up. Perfect choice with such beautiful patterns on it.

    Love your hydrangea, too. It makes me want to go see if I can get one to grow in my desert yard.

  2. How to be delicate and gaudy at the same time! Puts me to mind of the old song ‘Ma, he’s making eyes at me’ …

  3. Beautiful image. The detail in the close up is marvellous.

  4. Beautiful closeup and great angle catch! I have never seen such as usually I am looking for the spread of wings.

  5. Excelente macro! muito boa.


    Excellent macro! Very good.


  6. WOW..I would love to be able to get a macro like that. Fantastic

  7. Beautiful Hydrangea.

  8. Amazing shot!

  9. Great shot! Love it! (and the dedication, too!)
    Cheers, Klaus

  10. Amazing photography!

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