Skywatch Friday #8

To understand that the sky is everywhere blue,
we need not go round the world.

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe —

Not a cloud in the sky, so, I improvised with a white crape myrtle tree.

~ by Piedmont Perspective on 5 September 2008.

27 Responses to “Skywatch Friday #8”

  1. Wow, the flowers and the sky is so beautiful here in your photograph. It does make a nice match. Nice capture! :)

  2. A clever idea that served you well with a beautiful end result!
    I love the Goethe quote and yet each week we travel round the world to see what color it was on someone else’s day. :)

  3. great contrast with the blue sky

  4. Beautiful white flowers against the blue sky.
    The contrast is lovely. I love the quote by ‘Goethe’.
    Thank you for your visit to Mumbai Skywatch

  5. The crape myrtle blossoms are so pretty and bright against the sky. It’s a lovely photo, and the quote goes along with it nicely.

    (in reference to your comment on my blog, I live on the NC side of the Smokies, but am very familiar with Gatlinburg. :)

  6. Wonderful composition. So beautiful those flowers on the bright blue sky! Significant the quote by Goethe.

  7. Beautiful, love the contrasting colours.

  8. so lovely…love the texture of the flowers against the perfect blue sky.

  9. well done! looks very beautiful!

  10. I really like this. My first reaction was “wow! grow your own clouds!”

  11. Sky is everywhere blue indeed. Beautiful.

  12. Georgeous – love it!

  13. Marvelous sky, with flowers!

    Stunning colors!


  14. I like the substitution of clouds with the crepe myrtle. Absolutely lovely! :-)

  15. What a woderful flower to use to show-off the Sky, nicely done.

  16. Beautiful shot! I never can decide which color of crepe myrtle I like best.

  17. This is a beautiful shot. Thank you for sharing.

  18. This is a beautiful shot.

  19. They look so fluffy and soft. I can almost smell them. Nice shot. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Wonderful blue! Beautiful picture!

  21. Nicely done making your own clouds. And a very nice site.

  22. Fabulous! My sky is going to be like that soon (today is actually day 2 of no clouds in the afternoon), so I’ll be doing the same, or digging from the archives.

    When I saw this I thought it was a Spring photo. I’m not sure I’ve seen white Crepe Myrtle. It’s beautiful!

  23. blue and white is such a classic. :) love the flowers!

  24. A very nice capyure with fine colour contrasts!

  25. We’ve not been blessed with the cludless skies lately, though today was pretty blue. A variety of skies is a gift, though, wouldn’t you say? Otherwise everyone’s skywatch photos would be just alike.

  26. That is simply gorgeous.

  27. In modern times like these with virtual travelling via, Goethe is more right than he could have imagined in his wildest dreams!
    Therefore we call him a classic poet – his words are valid for eternity :)

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