Skywatch Friday #9

I think the tree is an element of regeneration
which, in itself, is a concept of time.
— Joseph Beuys —

Clouds and fog over the Blue Ridge in North Carolina.

~ by Piedmont Perspective on 11 September 2008.

24 Responses to “Skywatch Friday #9”

  1. Very nice photo. I love the barely there color and the mountain that looks so distant due ot the haze. And your framing is really quite wonderful.

  2. A beautiful image. The silhouettes are gorgeous!

  3. Great photo! Love the silhouette mountain in front of the other mountain in the distance.

  4. Very lovely, peaceful, serene……silouettes add interest. Happy SkyWatch!

  5. lovely shades beautifully composed

  6. Everybody has already said it for me; but I love the tree silhouetted against the sky and the quote you chose to compliment it is perfect.

  7. Nice two-fold skyline. And your header is great.

  8. Gorgeous picture! So peaceful and beautiful colors.
    I also like your blue jay!

  9. Silhouettes tell a lot of things in silence.
    I quite like this.
    Have a good weekend!

  10. Lovely shaded sky and silhouette.

  11. I love the way your framed the shot. BJ

  12. The silhouettes are perfect,Beautiful framing.

  13. beautiful silhouttes, beautiful quote.

  14. wonderful silhouette and softly shaded sky!

  15. I can just feel the humidity. Thanks for a great shot.

  16. Nice sky watch post and thanks for dropping by.

  17. The epitome of southern mountains. I like the way you included the two different trees in the photo composition.

  18. Nice SWF, I like the way the trees seem to be reaching for each other.

  19. love your avitar
    did you design it?
    would love to see a large size of it
    seems like a very intrecate pattern – islamic maybe?

  20. Beautiful !! a joy to look at. Nice photo of the blue jay in action too !

  21. This is a beautiful mountain shot! I love the quote below about acorns. Very funny!

  22. Marvelous photo, great shot!

    Have a nice weekend!


  23. Love the lone sentinel silently watching the skies…

  24. The quote and the image are wonderful. Thanks, friend.

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