Today’s Flowers #8

The opening and the folding flowers, that
laugh to the summer’s day.

— Felicia D. Hemans —

A pink Rose of Sharon (hibiscus) from early summer for Today’s Flowers.

~ by Piedmont Perspective on 28 September 2008.

14 Responses to “Today’s Flowers #8”

  1. A fresh spring Hibiscus, huh! Sweet shot!
    Cheers, Klaus

  2. Very nice. These have never been my favorite flowers, but I’ve seen some wonderful pictures of them on blogs this summer (and now fall, including this one), and I think I like them a lot!

  3. Pretty! And nice quote.


  4. It’s a beauty and a nice quote you chose to go with it!

  5. Pink if my favorite color for Rose of Sharon flowers, and this one is gorgeous.

  6. Great shot. Whenever I hear Rose of Sharon I always think of the bible.

  7. Lovely!
    I so miss that the blooming season for them is over.

  8. This meme is so nice because I see so many flowers ! As I hate automn it comes on purpose, lol ! Beautiful picture !

  9. Really beautiful flower and a pic of it:)

  10. Beautiful rose and color.

  11. The colour of hibiscus is so overwhelming, I can’t get enough of it!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and joining me walking through Stadtpark!

  12. I like this pink shade. My rose of Sharon is kinda blue. Oh, well, if I had the pink one I’d probably prefer the blue one. ;-) The only way to solve the problem will be to purchase a pink one just like yours.

  13. Hi, gorgeous and the way open for the lives of lush leaves, great job. I thank you for sharing with us so much beauty.

    Denise & Santilli – The team of Today’s Flowers

  14. I haven’t seen a Hibiscus since I left hawaii many years ago. YOURS is beautiful and looks so fresh. Come see my Dahlia.

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