Skywatch Friday #13

Bad weather always looks worse through a window.
— Tom Lehrer —

Skywatch keeps creeping up on me when we have rain and cloudy skies. The rain had stopped this afternoon but it was still cloudy when Sammy and I went for a walk.

~ by Piedmont Perspective on 9 October 2008.

23 Responses to “Skywatch Friday #13”

  1. I think this is stunning. First of all of the beautiful green is there and then there is that lovely spot of red dead center. Very nice! :-)

  2. I forgot to look at the sky, lol ! the red bush amongst all this green looks so beautiful !

  3. I can’t tell you how much I love this!
    It’s dreamlike for me.
    The framing makes the red bush pop out at you and it’s gorgeous!

    I just want to keep looking at it and imagining being there. I can almost smell the rain coming.

  4. What a wonderful picture! I enjoy it so much! That red tree in the middle is fabulous.
    Happy Sky Watch!

  5. What a rich, scrumptious picture. Love it.

  6. That red bush was a beauty in the composition.

    PS in bad weather one is often saved by the hard disk ;-)

  7. The red bush attracts all attention and makes the photo very exciting! Thanks for visiting.

  8. The red is so eyecatching. Excellent image, beautifully obseverd and composed.

  9. Great photo – I have to agree with everyone on the red bush, all the colors, and the composition. And it’s nice to have a reminder of nicer weather!:)

  10. beautiful landscape & lush colored sky.

  11. Beautiful colours for a wet day.

  12. I know it’s SWF, but I really like that tree. Thanks for the comment, and every sunrise was viewed with tea in a comfy chair. Happy SWF!

  13. Beautiful!
    Lovely scene and colors! :)
    Love it!

  14. Nice picture with the red bush as eye catcher.

  15. Actually, it looks pretty darn beautiful to me! Lovely colors and sometimes the subdued light helps bring those out more. Nice shot, and your header photo is awesome.

  16. Nice colorful captures! I love it!!!

  17. The quote is true! But this photo is just amazing. Gorgeous. Thanks.

  18. Beautiful autumn colour on that lovely red tree so well set off against the green grass.

  19. Great SWF photo and the food above looks aweaome. Makes me hngry.

  20. What a tranquil pic :)

  21. Darn the low fat diets…..

  22. Whoops..that was for the post above..I got lost in all the food..LOL..Beautiful fall color in that tree

  23. This is incredible. The colors are so vivid. The sky is showing it’s own personality. The vines are wonderful. The perspective fantastic. This is really a terrific capture.

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