Skywatch Friday #14

In the right light, at the right time,
everything is extraordinary.

— Aaron Rose —

Clouds over Lake Hickory. Be sure to check out all the great Skywatch photos this weekend!

~ by Piedmont Perspective on 16 October 2008.

23 Responses to “Skywatch Friday #14”

  1. Great reflection of the clouds upon the water. Love the expansive water shot, also. Nice!

  2. Love the shot…beautiful.

  3. Simply stunning to say the least. I love these colors. thanks for sharing.


  4. That water must be so clear – that reflection is awesome!
    Love it!

  5. Beautiful. A perfect photo, if you ask me.

  6. Love the quote with the photo. Amazing photo, truly amazing.

  7. Ah, I am a hockey fan as well: Anaheim Ducks. I live in Orange County. I am a writer for the paper here and fell head over heels for the sport last year while writing a story.

  8. Fantastic picture!

  9. Bluest blue water and blue sky makes a heavenly photo! Delightful!

  10. Oh wow, this is a gorgeous shot. The sky and water are equally (but differently) blue. Very nicely captured. Thanks so much for stopping by to see my moon pictures. And for your kind comment. Happy SWF.

  11. This is fantastic….. I could sit here for ages and take this all in..

  12. Great color! A perfect photo with the perfect quote to go with it.

  13. Jut spectacular and so beaitifully captured.

  14. What a splendid landscape! And the quote is fantastic too.
    Happy Sky Watch!

  15. Oh, I think you have the right light there! I feel like flying above the water here.

  16. Stunning scenery! :)

  17. What amazing color you have captured here! This is fantastic!

  18. “Extraordinary” is definitely the right word for that image. Beautiful colors, gorgeous scenery. I could spend the weekend looking at that sky.


  19. Wonderful. The horizonals of land layer between sky blue and watery colour crete beautiful dimensions.

  20. wonderful blues great SWF!

  21. Wonderful photo and quote! Happy SkyWatching! Greetings from Iowa.

  22. Fantastic colors! And of course the reflections! Bravo!
    Cheers, Klaus

  23. Sorry I missed this on Friday but glad I didn’t miss this all together. This is beautiful!!! That blue is amazing and the way it’s reflected in the water… Double impact! :-)

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