My World Tuesday #1

I can breathe in a small town
— John Mellencamp (Small Town)–

Welcome to my home in Hickory, North Carolina! Nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Piedmont regions, Hickory is a sister city of Altenburg, Germany.

Union Square (downtown) reflected on the windows of the old train depot.

My World Tuesday is a new meme brought to you by the Skywatch Friday team. For a virtual tour of cities around the world, please visit That’s My World!

~ by Piedmont Perspective on 20 October 2008.

34 Responses to “My World Tuesday #1”

  1. I will look forward to seeing more of your world.

  2. I’m going to like this meme because it will help me “get to know better” people that already are interesting to me. You brought nicely representavite pictures to your post.

  3. Great and very creative! Glad you’re game! Looks like this meme is going to be a whole lot of fun!
    Cheers, Klaus

  4. Like your post very much. Small towns are great!!

  5. Looking forward to seeing more of your small town. BTW, I love that John Mellencamp song.

  6. Fanastic pics with great colors, Thanks for sharing1


  7. Me too – looking forward to seeing more of Hickory. It looks like a great place to live. Great photos – the reflection of Union Square is very nice, and I love the banner, too!

  8. PP: Interesting that you are from Hickory. I have some ties to the your town that I will have to share with you.

  9. Beautiful home. Beautiful World.

  10. I’ve always wondered if I’d like living in a small town. I think I would. I love the 2nd shot of the reflection in the window. Very nice!!

  11. Wow! that’s an amazing reflection! Isn’t this going to be fun? :D

  12. smalls town are great, love them. Great reflection of your world

  13. Good shots of Hickory. I’ve been there many times. Fun visiting a fellow North Carolinian.

  14. Lovely shot of your hometown. Have a nice day.

  15. Great photos. My daughter lives in Clayton.

  16. Your part of the Carolinas is beautiful!
    I’m looking forward to seeing more in the weeks to come.
    I need to look up exactly where Hickory is to see if I’ve been through there.

  17. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your little corner of the world.

  18. I agree, small towns are good to live in or in our case live outside. There is a sense of community and old fashioned neighbourliness. Look forward to seeing more.

  19. Nice pics TFS, Mike.

  20. I like your photos especially the one with the reflection. Thanks for your visit to Rotterdam!

  21. I like small towns and this looks like a wonderful one. I’ll look forward to more of your world in the weeks to come.

  22. I am impressed at how clean that window is.

  23. I agree youa can breathe in a small town.Love the reflection and have to say your blog header is specatcular.

  24. It seems like a lovely place. Love the reflection on the window.
    And your header is gorgeous!

  25. A world very nice, very nice place. share was important, I thank the gentle visit.
    hugs from Brazil

  26. Wow! back in another life I almost moved to Hickory, NC. My x-husband almost got a job there, but they decided Huntsville, AL, was a better place for him than Hickory. Too bad, it looks like an interesting place. Lovely pictures. The fall color in those leaves is magnificent!

  27. Beautiful photos from your corner of the world! I’m looking forward to see more:)

  28. Couldn’t agree more with the quote and love the reflection shot

  29. Perfect view of a beautiful small town. Thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing more.

  30. what a beautiful view of a small town! nice and lovely photo…

  31. Charming pictures, a true taste of real America. Thank you for sharing.

  32. I went to Australia (via My World Tuesday) and found your world. I grew up in the NC piedmont and have been to Hickory a few times many years ago. It is a pleasure to see some of the area away from I77, I85 and I95! Great photos, especially your colorful header!

  33. Great My World Tuesday photo! Love the perspective! Also, have been to Hickory! Great place! Take care!

  34. Thanks for sharing your world with us. You live in a beautiful part of NC, and I look forward to seeing more of it through your eyes.

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