My World Tuesday #2

Let me root, root, root for the home team…
Jack Norworth

In honor of the World Series, I decided to post these photos of L. P. Frans Stadium. L.P. Frans is home to the Hickory Crawdads (affectionately known to the locals as the ‘Dads) minor league baseball team. After ten years with the Pittsburgh Pirates, they became an affiliate of the Texas Rangers in September. For a description, please hover over the photos. (If you scroll down two posts, the second photo was also taken at the stadium.)

My World Tuesday is a new meme brought to you by the Skywatch Friday team. For a virtual tour of home towns around the world, please visit That’s My World!


~ by Piedmont Perspective on 27 October 2008.

15 Responses to “My World Tuesday #2”

  1. Play ball! (I don’t even know who is in the World Series.)

  2. Wow great pics, I especially love the last one. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Wow stunning photos!! What a great stadium! I especially like the last photo!

  4. I especially like the photo with the sprinklers. Very cool!

  5. Love the ball stuck on the wall. My kind of absurd image. Excellent choice to show of your part of the wordl.

  6. Very timely, and great fun. I love the giant baseball.

  7. Wonderful pictures. It made me realize though, I’m been around L.A. my whole life and though I know where Dodger stadium is, I’ve never been there. :-(

  8. Great pictures, so clear and interesting

  9. Thank you for the wonderful tour. This 2nd week of meme really makes us appreciate the many places that we don’t usually see or ever had a chance to visit like the one you showed me in this post. Hope you get to have time to check my world too. Another great job and more to come in the coming weeks.

  10. Nice world my dear i did not experience to watch a game just like that big stadium…See you next time…

  11. The color in these is wonderful!
    My nephew is a huge baseball fan and hopes to play pro one day.
    I love the image of the ball.
    Wonderful shots.

  12. Beautiful place, I like those red bricks. And that turquoise sky!

  13. Gorgeous and detailed! A wonderful MyWorld post!
    Cheers, Klaus

  14. My apologies to everyone. I’ve been busy and haven’t had time to leave many comments. Bear with me, I will get to you soon. Thanks!

  15. Just wanted to say it’s okay that you didn’t have a Water shot for today. There’s always next week…. if you’re able. :-) Thanks for coming by.

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