Today’s Flowers #13

When bright flowers bloom
Parchment crumbles, my words fade
The pen has dropped …

— Morpheus —

My mums just starting to open.

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~ by Piedmont Perspective on 2 November 2008.

26 Responses to “Today’s Flowers #13”

  1. Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful. I just love your picture just below this blog.

  3. Great shot of one of my favourite kind and colour of ‘mums. I just adore the russet tonings so wonderful tor autumn bouquets teamed with rose hips, berries and autumn leaves.

  4. I like mums but have not a one this yr. very pretty

  5. What a beautiful picture of a lovely flower!

  6. Beautiful chrysanthemums; I really like the color. BTW, the photo in your blog header is gorgeous!

  7. PP: Beautiful capture of the pretty mum just starting out.

  8. Oh my, such a lovely photograph, and well composed to show your beautiful mums to perfection. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed yours very much.

  9. Surely beautiful blossoms you have! Fiery and pretty! Thanks for your visit!

  10. I love the echo of the orange of the flower in the background. Such a lovely way to portray a mum.

  11. Lindas flores!
    Um beijo. lili

  12. Love the tonality here! Very warm and natural!
    Cheers, Klaus

  13. beautiful color of mums…cute

  14. That looks like the Tabitha Mum, Beautiful.

  15. They look beautiful!


  16. Simply beautiful!! The colors are wonderful and the composition is perfect. :-)

  17. Such beauty! Love the autumn colours:)

    Mine is up too, HERE. If you get a chance;) Happy TF!~

  18. Fantastic color, and well-captured! I need some mums!

  19. Lovely!
    I especially like the light and oh that color – gorgeous!

  20. O so beautiful! Love the contrast of one open and one tightly closed!

  21. Hello, beautiful image, thank you for participation.
    Denise & Santilli – Team TF

  22. Waht a delightful capture.

    Sorry you had a problem with comments on my post. i don’t know what to tell you about it.

  23. Such perfect prose for this beautiful shot.
    Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  24. Wonderful photo!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and posting in TODAY’S FLOWERS
    Hope to see you every time here!


  25. You caught them at the right time to make a perfect picture with them. What lovely colour they are.

    Thanks for your visit to my Today’s Flower! I am so sorry to be so late in visiting yours! It has been a hectic weekend with company who have just left today.

  26. Oh pretty..I am late getting around to the Mums are all gone know…

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